You Guys Up for a Toga Party? The True Story Behind the Cult Classic ‘Animal House’

The Cast Went To a Real Frat Party

… And got beat up by football players

The cast wanted to completely submerge themselves into their roles, and part of this method was to attend a real frat party on the University of Oregon campus.


Source: NY Times

True story: a group of college girls invited them to a mixer (party) thrown at a “wealthy jock fraternity,” but things turned ugly very soon. After a bunch of drunk football players called them some nasty words, actor James Widdoes (Hoover) threw a beer and started a full-on brawl. Actor Bruce McGill (D-Day) got a black eye but was too embarrassed to tell director John Landis what happened. But Landis eventually found out what his cast had been up to.

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