Rarest Photographs from the Civil War and the Stories Behind Them

The Civil war was one of the most historic and deadliest wars in American history, to say the least. The war, which lasted from 1861 to 1865, was the first war captured by the eyes of the camera. These photographs provide immense insight into the happenings of the war, along with exploring the candid side of the war. In 1943, more than 7000 rare Civil War photographs were bought by the Library of Congress for archival purposes. These photos were recently digitally converted by the library’s website, keeping up with the needs of the highly digitalized society of today.


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In this article, we will be going through some of the most unique and famous pictures from the “War Between the States,” and explore some extraordinary shots, including pictures of critical war figures like Abraham Lincoln and General Meade. The pictures capture the “behind the scenes” of America’s bloodiest military conflict, along with it being the time of extreme racial tensions. At the end of it all, slavery was abolished, and America set foot towards a new “Reconstruction Era,” hoping to make amends and grow stronger.

The Amazing Story of the Shoe Twins

The Civil war resulted in massive casualties and physical trauma for the soldiers. As evident in the photo, an injured and abandoned Confederate soldier is found by a Union soldier in a deserted camp.


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A unique story about the detriments of the civil war is found in the case of two soldiers who both lost one leg each, in the second battle of Manassas and the battle of wilderness while serving under Stonewall Jackson. Years later, their kids would meet on an annual basis to buy a pair of shoes, which they shared. One of the soldiers had lost his right leg, while one lost his left leg, and amazingly, their shoe size-matched.

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