Weirdest Sports You’ve Probably Never Heard of

The 29th August of each year marks the National Sports Day and is celebrated by all including lovers of weird sports. Weird sports are meant for those who want to see games in an all-new way out of the ordinary.

It is not everyone who likes to play volleyball, basketball, or football but other people prefer engaging in different sports that may sound weird to the rest of the world. People have different taste, and this is the basis for the introduction of different sports that we have. These sports are not new but have existed for decades and are only not known to the world because they are limited to areas where they were invented. The following is a list of ten weirdest sports that very little is known about them.

Wife Carrying

This game was invented in Sonkajarvi, Finland. Just as the game suggests, each male participant is supposed to carry their wives through designed obstacles. The winner of the game is the fastest of the participants who carry his wife to the touchline.


DORKING, UNITED KINGDOM – APRIL 8: Competitors take part in the 2018 Wife Carrying Race in Dorking, Surrey, England on April 8, 2018.’ (Photo by Isabel Infantes/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

Herkko Rosvo-Ronkainen is believed to be the inventor of the game back in the 1800’s. The initial terrain was a rocky terrain, but currently, the ground is covered with sand for safety measures. There are only two obstacles each one meter deep, and participants must be over 17 years of age.

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