Top Sports Achievements From the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona

Mike Marsh (USA) competes in the Men’s 200-meter sprint at the 1992 Olympic Games, going on to win the event. | Location: Barcelona, Spain. (Photo by Gilbert Iundt/Corbis/ VCG via Getty Images)

The Summer Olympic Games opening ceremony occurred July 25th, 1992. Credited with revitalizing Barcelona and doubling its tourist numbers, the Olympics were memorable for more than sports. It was the first boycott-free Olympics since 1972, the first time several Eastern European countries competed independently, the first appearance of a united German team, the last time athletes from the Soviet Union competed as a Unified Team and the first appearance of a racially integrated South African team.

Barcelona ” (a duet by Freddie Mercury and opera star Monserrat Caballé) was the theme song, and costs were approximately USD 9.69 billion with cost overruns of 266%. Here are 10 of the most memorable sports moments from these Olympics.

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