Top 10 Red Cards in Most Crucial Matches in World Cup History



Celebrating the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia begins, check out the top ten most interesting red cards handed out in most crucial matches in the history of the World Cup!

#10 John Heitinga, the Netherlands vs. Spain (World Cup 2010 Finals)

With 14 yellow and one red card, the players at the Final match of World cup 2010 did not shy away from a fight! Prefaced by none other than Nelson Mandela, this Johannesburg match is often considered to have been a bloodbath.

Former Everton defender John Heitinga earns his first yellow card in the 56th minute by knocking out David Villa, only to receive another one by hauling down Iniesta in the 109th minute. While the outcome could have been different had the Dutch channeled their aggression, such hypothetical situations remain Dutch dreams, as Iniesta scored the winning goal only a few minutes after the foul, writing Spain into history books and shattering hopes of millions of Dutch.

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