Remembering the 62nd Anniversary of Don Larsen’s Perfect Game!

Remembering His Journey

It was a highly unexpected and a pitching performance was given by Larsen when he was allowed four runs and got only five outs in Game 2 of the series. The greatness of Larsen’s no-hitter is so hard to overstate in baseball terms for the following two reasons;

  • The world has never encountered and had never seen this done before in a World Series which is surprising enough
  • In a game where records fall and such career-defining moments happen with dizzying frequency

However, Larsen hurled an excellent game against a team as jam-packed with expertise and power as the ’56 Brooklyn Dodgers boggles the mind. Sinder, Campanella, Furillo, Reese, Hodges, Robinson – these are the names that baseball fans still worship – something close to reverence. Moreover, of all people, Don Larsen – not a superstar pitcher, but a professional hurler- shut them down.


(Original Caption) The 27-year-old right-hander threw only 97 pitches as he turned back 27 Dodgers in a row, seven of them on strikeouts. Larsen, who disdained any wind-up against the Dodgers, became the seventh man in all of baseball history to pitch a perfect game. (Photo Credit Getty Images)

The fans, the press, his peers and everyone who knew and loved baseball (including Larsen himself) was amazed.

Bob Sheppard – a long-time Yankees public address announcer also known as the ‘ Voice of God ‘ once nodded and said: “If Sandy Koufax had done it, if Nolan Ryan had done it, if Don Drysdale had done it, he would have believed that it could happen, but he remained speechless about Don Larsen.”

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