Your Favorite 80s Shows: See What the Characters Were Up to Then and Are Doing Now

Is there anyone who doesn’t love going down memory lane? If you’re in the mood for some nostalgic moments today, come along with us and take a look at some of your favorite TV shows from the 1980s. Sure, there was no shortage of good television drama in that decade, but few can argue with the fact that ‘Dallas,’ ‘The Love Boat,’ and ‘Dynasty’ were some of the best dramatic series on the air at the time.

The shows have had reunions and reboots, and it comes as no surprise, considering they were such a hit! So if you feel like revisiting those characters and want to see what the actors and actresses went on to do after the shows ended, come down memory lane with us.

Dallas’ 40th Anniversary

Last year, the prime-time soap opera ‘Dallas’ celebrated its 40th anniversary. The show aired its dramatic series finale back in 1991, and it’s clear now that fans didn’t get enough. The show about the larger-than-life family of the Ewing Oil Empire premiered in 1978 as a five-episode miniseries. People must have loved it since it went on to run on CBS for 356 episodes over 14 seasons.


The show turned actors like Larry Hagman into household names. More recently, in 2012, a reboot of the widely popular show was made. And audiences were happy to see the return of J.R., Bobby, and Sue Ellen in a reboot of Dallas on the network TNT.

Let’s take a look at the characters and the actors, on the show and in real life…

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