Woodstock Music and Art Fair

The Woodstock Music and Art Fair was a music festival which took place in a 600-acre farm located in the town of Bethel, in upstate New York, United States. The festival was declared open on the15th of August 1969. This 3-day festival which attracted over 500,000 people has always been remembered as the festival that defined the 1960 generation and the most important rock festival in history. Till this day, books and movies are still being released about this festival. This article gives insights into why this festival is still remembered till today.

The Most Important Rock Festival in History

Woodstock was started by Joel Rosenman and John Roberts who were in their 20s. They had a large inheritance and decided to promote a rock concert which was later known as Woodstock. Apart from being a successful concert, Woodstock is known as a cultural hallmark that was known all around the musical world.


A wall displays photos of the four creators of the Woodstock music festival (from top L) Michael Lang, Artie Kornfeld, John Roberts and Joel Rosenman at the Museum at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, in Bethel, New York.
(Photo credit EMMANUEL DUNAND/AFP/Getty Images)

The event was not planned properly; no security measures were put in place, the weather and traffic were terrible and coupled with the fact that the number of toilets was not enough. However, this did not put a hold on the concert as people filled with possibilities of crime spent the three days with music and peace on their minds. They were all united to the extent that they shared food, shelter, and drugs.

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