When Celebrities Find Their Roots. Some are Even Related to Each Other!

“Finding Your Roots” is a fascinating show that allows celebrities to search through their lineage, going back generations to discover who their ancestors were and other previously unknown revelations. The show is hosted by Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr., a Harvard Professor, who really knows his stuff. He’s also TV’s original genealogy hunter, and the show is now in its 5th season.

Celebrities on his show have been amazed to find out who they’re related to or what their family’s past held secret. To give you an idea of what’s discovered on this show, we’ll give you a few teasers. For instance, Marissa Tomei and Julianne Moore discovered they were cousins, Tina Fey has a connection to Benjamin Franklin, and Sarah Jessica Parker’s ancestor was condemned as a witch!

From shocking secrets to funny coincidences, we’re going to let you in on some of the most jaw-dropping celebrity revelations exposed on the unique television show that give us an intimate view into the personal lives of celebrities. Not only do we go through celebrity revelations, but Gates also has advice for those who want to find their own lineage.

Marissa Tomei and Julianne Moore – Long Lost Cousins

As it turns out, the two Hollywood starlets have a lot more in common than they thought. On an episode from the 5th season of the show, Marissa Tomei, 54, discovered that she has a famous cousin – Julianne Moore, 58.



The host told Tomei the news and she was visibly thrilled to learn that her longtime friend was now in her bloodline. Her reaction really showed her enthusiasm: “Julianne? Julianne! Julie? You know we went to school together? Jules! Oh, I can’t wait to tell her.”

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