What Was Once a Confidential is Now Exposed: Declassified U.S. Government Photos

The truth is out there. These declassified photos from the United States Government’s Central Intelligence Agency were once classified, meaning they were considered top secret. But eventually, all things come to light, just as these photos did. These once confidential images that the government kept hidden are now revealed to the public. And you can judge them as you will.

From hidden bomb shelters to Area 51 aircraft and machinery to Pablo Escobar at the White House, these are all fascinating images of real people and places in American history. We can finally get a glimpse of what hush-hush activities were really going on just under our noses.

What China’s Hiding?

China has been deemed as the world’s next superpower, behind the United States of course. As you can see in this image, they have a humongous telescope with supposedly the world’s strongest signal.

Source: art-sheep

The telescope is claimed to have the ability to detect all types of radio signals, even those a thousand light years away. It has also been said that this base is likely to be an ionosphere controller, which means it could also manipulate the weather.

Next, a photo from the 1960s, which added to the already established sense of paranoia…

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