What Really Happened to Natalie Wood On That Fateful Weekend in 1981?

It was a crisp November day 39 years ago. Four people went for a boat ride off the southern coast of Los Angeles aboard a 55-foot yacht, the Splendour. But on November 29, 1981, only three people made it back safely to shore. The fourth, actress Natalie Wood, would never see her home or children again.


Natalie Wood. Photo By Globe Photos/Shutterstock

Details surrounding the Hollywood icon’s tumultuous past and dramatic relationship with actor Robert Wagner have come to light in recent years. And while her death was declared accidental, these new details shed some light on what actually happened that fateful night at sea.

We not only take a look at her murky and controversial death but celebrate the life of one of Hollywood’s greatest actresses, Natalie Wood.

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