What Are the Top 40 “Where Were You?” Moments of All Time?

The world of television and news has changed the way that human’s experience major world events together. Whether it’s breaking stories on the news, or unforgettable interviews, every century since the invention of the television has packed its own bundle of memorable stories. “Where Were You?” moments are moments that made us pick up the phone the second they happened and call our loved ones, either to see if they are feeling the same way as us about the news, or if they were laughing as hard as we were, and before social media, a where were you moment was much easier to come by. Heck, before cable television, there were only a few channels to watch, and if something significant were on the news, it would for sure make the cut. We chose moments in history that we think would still hold their value in the 21st century. Events that are timeless in regards to their stories, and will always hold up against the tests of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I’m only 25, so chances are I was not even around for half of them, but “where were you?”

2018: The Wild Boars

Let’s start with one of the more recent events in history, and work our way down to the 50s. No one can forget the harrowing story of the Thai little league soccer team that was trapped deep in a flooded cave in Thailand for ten days before being found alive by professional cave divers. The group stayed alive in the pitch black, by eating what it is they had on them and drinking the water dripping off the cave’s walls. Moreover, the team’s brave young coach had taught the boys Buddhist meditation to pass the time and keep their sanity. It would still take weeks to get the boys out of the cave, and news coverage of their rescue was almost constant until the last person (the coach) was rescued from the cave.


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