Unraveling the Unsolved Disappearances of the Bennington Triangle

A String of Disappearances

Starting in 1945, a five-year span of disappearances started happening in the Bennington Triangle, starting with the vanishing of Middie Rivers. The 74-year-old local hunting guide had led a party of four hunters around Hell Hollow, an area in the southwest woods of Glastenbury. But all of a sudden, he got lost.


Outside of Glastenbury Camp, 1933. Source: uvm.edu

After an initial search turned up unsuccessful, people believed that such a knowledgeable woodsman would be able to survive, and figured that he would soon show up in town. But that wasn’t the case. Soon, over 300 concerned locals and soldiers (dispatched from Massachusetts’ Fort Devens) combed through the wilderness for eight days in a row. But not a shred of evidence nor any sight of Rivers was found.

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