Uncovered Tapes Finally Revealed the Truth Behind Marlon Brando’s Life

How Well Do You Know Marlon Brando?

A filmmaker by the name of Stevan Riley became very close friends with Marlon Brando. The thing is, by the time their intimate friendship began, Brando had already been dead for 10 years. Riley was first introduced to Brando when he got a phone call in 2012 from a man named John Battsek, the documentary head of Passion Pictures.


Photo by Hollywood Photo Archive / Mediapunch / Shutterstock

Battsek asked Riley, “What do you know about Brando?” Riley responded, “Not a lot.” Battsek then asked him another question: “Well, how’d you like to direct a feature on him?” And, just like that, a filmmaker with little to no knowledge on the master film actor started a riveting journey down Brando lane, so to speak.

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