Touching Photos from War Zones That May Just Warm Your Heart

If you ever thought about the concept of war, the chances are you’ll think about it in a negative light. From the outset, the initial imagery and buzz words that spring to mind usually include fighting, battles and plenty of senseless tragedies. Nevertheless, although this may be true, we want to shed some light on the other side of war. These are the uplifting and memorable moments that emerge in the most unexpected places. They do say that some of the most heartwarming stories stem from tragedies. So we want to explore the side of war that they don’t reveal in the history books.

While some of the soldiers in these photos spent their time off duty hanging out with the locals, others risked everything to protect strangers. A few actually fell in love in the most hopeless of places, and some relieved a little energy by kicking back with some baby kangaroos. So get ready to stroll through and check out some touching pictures of war that will warm your heart.

An Anniversary to Remember

Our first uplifting story begins in 1946 with Edith Steiner, a Jewish woman who managed to survive the Holocaust. Edith was actually saved by a Scottish Soldier, John Mackay and soon after, the adorable pair fell in love. On July 17th, 1946, the happy couple tied the knot. We’re happy to report that the duo will be celebrating their 73rd wedding anniversary later this year! This romantic story might just deserve its own movie.

Source: Reddit

Interestingly, there’s more to the story than we first thought. Although the couple didn’t actually meet when Edith’s camp at Auschwitz was rescued by a group of Allied troops, they met after. In fact, soon after the camp was liberated, the troops put on a dance in a local hall which was attended by both survivors and soldiers. When Edith strolled into the dance that day and met John Mackay, it was love at first sight. After marrying, the couple made a life for themselves in Dundee, Scotland. And as they say, the rest is history.

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