Titanic – Behind the Scenes of the Classic Romantic Movie Based on a True Story

Can you believe more than 20 years have passed since James Cameron gifted the world with his epic feature-length masterpiece? The movie Titanic takes place in 1912, during the devastating sinking of the R.M.S Titanic. Telling a fictional story during a historical event added magic and helped draw audiences in. The romantic tale captured the hearts of both audiences and critics. It was an immediate success and won multiple Oscar Awards. Eleven, to be exact.


Photo by 20th Century Fox, Paramount, Kobal, Shutterstock.com / Virgil Mirano, Paramount Pictures / Source: Paramount Pictures / Photo by 20th Century Fox, Paramount, Kobal, Shutterstock.com

The two leads are portrayed brilliantly by Leonardo DiCaprio, who played Jack, and Kate Winslet, who played Rose. Telling their love story and depicting the heartbreaking tragedy wasn’t an easy task. Their director, James Cameron, was extremely strict and a perfectionist on set. He ultimately made sure the movie was extraordinarily successful, but it didn’t mean interesting things didn’t happen on set. Check out these behind the scenes secrets that happened while filming the iconic movie, Titanic.

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