Time to Search the Attic! These Vintage Toys Are Worth A Lot More Than You Think

Garbage Pail Kids’ Cards

The good old 80s, right? Can you recall seeing all those wacky Garbage Pail Kids collectible cards? While they may have been weird little cards that kids loved to collect, they have managed to find their way onto the internet now that we’re in a whole new digital age. And when it comes to their value, it all depends on the specific card.


Source: eBay.com

One of the cards called Adam Bomb can reach up to $3,000. And if they were saved in their original packaging, they’re worth even more.

Facts about the Garbage Pail Kids: the cards were launched in June 1985 as a parody of the popular Cabbage Patch Kids. The cards were made by Topps, a company best known for making baseball and football stickers.

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