The Unknown Story of The King of Cool: Steve McQueen

I can think of many leading men who can be called The King of Cool, but only one Hollywood star deserves the title, and that’s Steve McQueen. He was one of the greatest movie stars in Hollywood during his time. From cop films to Westerns to war and heist films, McQueen’s good looks and swagger were unforgettable to moviegoers in the ’60s and ’70s. But McQueen was a man of action outside of just acting.


Steve McQueen, 1960. Photo By Kobal/Shutterstock

He had motorcycles, cars, planes; you name it. His star power led to hostile interactions with his costars and crew if things didn’t go his way. McQueen spoke to therapist Brugh Joy about the life he led towards its end, which was reportedly his last interview. That conversation revealed a lot of McQueen’s insecurities, like never being loved by his parents, which only led to a life of rebellion.

This is the life and death, and everything in between, of The King of Cool.

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