The True Story Behind the Great Escape From Alcatraz

Alcatraz, as you may have heard, is notoriously known for being the most remote and isolated prison in the world. Situated on an island (located in San Francisco Bay), the prison was meant to be impossible to escape. In its history as a prison, 36 inmates have attempted to escape, yet none of them succeeded . That is, up until June of 1962.

Three men escaped “The Rock” by jumping into the turbulent waters of the San Francisco Bay and hoped for the best. Those men were never to be seen again – their fates unknown for over 50 years. Many believed they didn’t survive the swim. And then rumors started to spread about their surviving and changing their identities. But the jury was always out on what really happened to the three inmates.

Then in January of 2018, the police received a mysterious letter. The letter’s new information led the FBI to reopen the investigation. Care to know what happened? Here’s the remarkable and true story of The Great Escape.

A Great Escape

Alcatraz was a maximum-security prison, designed to keep the most dangerous criminals away from normal society. Yet, somehow three prisoners managed to dodge all of the prison’s security systems and actually escape. This famous Alcatraz escape has become one of American history’s most notorious unsolved crimes.


Photo by Bettmann / Contributor/ Getty Images

After the escape, local officials claimed that the three prisoners drowned. Recently, clues have surfaced that indicate that the prisoners (now elderly) may have actually survived and gotten away.

The clues came from a letter that arrived in 2018, causing the FBI to reopen the investigation, after 56 years.

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