The Story Behind Winnie the Pooh

The book Winnie the Pooh was first released on 14 October 1926 by English author A.A. Milne. The facts that inspired the characters in this favorite storybook is quite complicated. In honor of the Author and his lovely bear, we have come up with ten wow facts about this beautiful book.

Winnie the Pooh Existed in Real Life

Winnie was an adorable bear that was made a pet by a Canadian Soldier, Harry Colebourn. The bear was thought to bring good luck to his troop anytime they went for battle. She was later taken to the London Zoological Garden where a little boy by the name Christopher Robin Milne so much adored her.

Christopher was the son of A. A. Milne. The little boy loved the bear that he named his teddy after her. Other characters of A. A. Milne’s book also had real-life counterparts. Christopher Robin was named after Milne’s son, Christopher Robin Milne, while Christopher’s teddy bear was “ Winnie the Pooh .”


Lieutenant Harry Colebourn and his cub named “Winnie“. Source:

Long before A. A. Milne wrote the book Winnie the Pooh ; he served as a soldier in the World War I. He became ill and was unable to fight at the battlefronts. Despite this, he was still able to help the military by joining a secret propaganda unit in 1916. After leaving the military, he went on to work as an assistant editor at the magazine Punch . Before he published Winnie the Pooh , Milne had already published 18 plays and three novels.

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