The Real-Life Brothers Who Inspired ‘Saving Private Ryan’

If you’re like most people, you loved the 1998 movie, ‘Saving Private Ryan.’ Not only was the acting great, but the story was simply incredible. More often than we know, movies are based on books or real-life events. Saving Private Ryan is one of them. It was based on a true story that just couldn’t remain only as an historical event without being made into a feature film. Some events in history, like the one you’re about to read, are too good to pass up. And Steven Spielberg knew that he needed to do make this story into what would become one of his best works.


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While much of the film is a fictional account, the whole idea behind Capt. Miller’s mission is based on the very real and true story of the Niland brothers. Edward, Preston, Robert (“Bob”), and Frederick (“Fritz”), from New York, had no idea that their participation in World War II would be so profound that it would serve as the inspiration behind one of the most epic WWII stories ever told.

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