The Hell’s Angels Chronicles: The Who, What, and Why of the Notorious Biker Club

The Hell’s Angels Motorcycle Club has been around for decades, but only after they got the attention of the public and law enforcement, the biker club has been nothing short of controversial. Many claim that the group is nothing more than a gang, but the Angels flat out deny that claim time and time again.

The club has earned a, albeit negative, reputation in media and popular culture, due to high-profile raid and wars on its various national subgroups. The club also owes some gratitude to ‘Gimme Shelter,’ a 1970 documentary about the infamous riot during a Rolling Stones concert.


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Considering all the hullabaloo that surrounds the Hell’s Angels with all the mystery and curiosity that comes with a motorcycle club, it only makes sense to make sense of it all, right? So let’s get the story straight.

This is a deep dive into the famous group, with true anecdotes from their history, and a look into the myths and truths, including the women of the club who are called “old ladies.” After this read, you can be the judge as to whether the Angels earned their reputation as the most bada$$ biker club in American history.

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