The Funniest Road Signs from Around the World

On November 20, 1923, Kentucky-born Garrett Morgan patented the traffic signal system, which he designed after witnessing a fatal accident between an automobile and a horse and carriage. It started as a T-shaped pole with three positions signaling three actions: go, stop, and all-stop. He later sold the patent to General Electric for $40,000. To celebrate its 95th anniversary, we’ve found some of the funniest road signs from around the world and compiled them into a list – get ready to laugh!

What’s the Point?

This road sign is hilarious purely because there is absolutely no point to it – it’s a complete waste of materials, time, and money on behalf of the people or company that posted it, and drivers completely waste their time – and concentration – reading it. But you just have to laugh at the ridiculousness of the fact a sign is being used to say the same sign is not in use!



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