The Epic Motorcycle Trip That Forever Changed Che Guevara

Ernesto “Che” Guevara will forever be an undying symbol of revolution. But people still debate whether he was a hero or a monster. The popular symbol of rebellion and counterculture, Che was captured gazing upward toward the future against a sea of red in countless times on posters, graffiti, and t-shirts. So who was this guy, and what was he all about?


Photo by Red Envelope, Kobal, Shutterstock / Source: Twitter

To many, the man is a hero: a figure to be idolized. But to others, the man is a cold-blooded killer: a violent tyrant who spread a dangerous breed of socialism to the masses. Before Che became the notorious revolutionary, he was a regular, flawed human being with his own vision of the world from which he formed his beliefs and ideas.

And it was one particular motorcycle trip that turned him into the radical he became…

(You could watch the movie, The Motorcycle Diaries, of course, which was based on Guevara’s diary entries. Or you could stick around and learn about him now…)

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