The Best Fake Products That Ever Made Their Way to Store Shelves

No, we’re not joking. Well, the comic was when he made these fake products. But we’re serious about the fact that these items are real and were in actual stores. They weren’t sold, but they were placed on store shelves for people to see them and most likely laugh at how outrageous they are.

Jeff Wysaski is the man behind these creations, and he brands himself under the name Obvious Plant. Jeff’s work has gained a lot of attention and he was even named “one of the funniest men” on the internet. His “products” range from toys, to brochures, to magazines, to Halloween costumes. All of them bogus and all of them with a sense of humor, sometimes clever and sometimes outright ridiculous. So let’s take a look at Jeff’s best work.

For Dads, By Dads

Have you heard of Dads the band? They’re a music group of four fathers (Walter, Gary, Frank, and another Walter). They make dad music for dads to enjoy.

Source: Instagram

Our favorite songs from this debut CD are “Turnin’ the Car Around,” “Time Flies When You’re Building a Deck,” and “Ask Your Mom.” This CD is mom-approved by the way!

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