Surviving History: 50 of America’s Oldest Surviving Restaurants in All 50 States

The American culinary road is one of great trials and tribulations in this US history. Americans since the 1700s have strived for a capitalist free nation where men and women from all walks of life can enjoy a night out on the town and great meal to go with it! We compiled the oldest surviving American eatery’s in all 50 states, from oldest to youngest. Some have more delightful food then they do décor and vice-versa. Hope you have as much fun scrolling through American history as I did.

Rhode Island: White Horse Tavern

You know what they say, “ when you don’t know something, ask your elders. ” So, why not go to the oldest restaurant when you don’t know where to eat?


Source: Gallivant

The White Horse Tavern has been around since 1673, and today serves up a fresh, contemporary, farm to table culinary experience. Imagine that, a culinary establishment that has been serving America for over 350 years.

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