Studio 54: The Rise and Fall of the Star-Studded New York Club

Close your eyes and picture the 1970s. What do you see? Bell bottoms, David Bowie, and gold glitter? Yeah, me too. That’s pretty much the 70s in a nutshell. Now close your eyes again, and imagine the backdrop, the scene, of where the 70s took place. Yeah, I also thought of Studio 54. Which brings us here!

Studio 54, the most popular celeb hangout in the 1970s, became synonymous with the entire decade. Everyone from David Bowie (of course) to Cher to John Travolta was regularly seen at the night club. It was a place for celebs to leave their “troubles” behind and dance with doves and horses (yes, horses).

This is a look back at Studio 54, which was basically the 70s in a wild and glittery nutshell.

The 70s in a Night Club

From a pop culture perspective, the ’70s was a wild and crazy decade. Aside from (or maybe because of) the economic inflation, the Vietnam War, and women’s rights, it was a time of wild parties, hyper-self-expression, experimentation, and a general sense of free spirit.

11/1/1978-New York: Photo shows crowd waiting outside Studio 54, the popular New York City disco. Photo by Bettman/ Getty Images

Studio 54, New York’s newest and hottest club opened its doors in 1977 and stayed opened for only three years, until 1980. And three years is all it took for Studio 54 to go down in history as being the exclusive nightclub with a guest list that people could only dream of. In other words, it wasn’t for any old regular Joe.

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