Stolen Treasures and Random Objects Found in the Sand Can Make You Rich!

Throughout history, both art, literature, and property have been either lost or stolen, in many cases, stolen more than they are lost. For instance, between 1939, and 1945 during the mass destruction of WWII, the Germans had stolen thousands of paintings, artifacts, and historical texts. Until this day, police are working on finding some of these priceless gems. Now, in other cases, you have some costly things out there that are worth a lot of money, and people just happen to walk right up to them. Hopefully having an eye for value, and being able to cash in on the rest of their lives after. We gathered a list of both stolen, and lost and found works of art that have been mentioned throughout history.

The Concert

The Concert is a $200 million painting by famous Dutch artist, Johannes Vermeer. The Concert was stolen along with eleven other artworks from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, in 1990.


The thieves got away with a total of $500 million worth of artwork that day. I guess you could say they stole the whole show!

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