Sondra Locke: A Talented Actress Defined By Her Relationship with Clint Eastwood

The Good, the Bad, and the Very Ugly

In her 1997 memoir, ‘The Good, the Bad, and the Very Ugly,’ Sondra Locke wrote about her relationship with Eastwood, and judging by the title, it’s no surprise that she went into detail about how it deteriorated over the years. Locke claimed that the reason she and Eastwood were in conflict was because she wanted to branch out.


Clint Eastwood, Sondra Locke. The Gauntlet – 1977. Photo By Warner Bros/Kobal/Shutterstock

She wanted to go further in the film industry beyond his own films, and build a career of her own. She wanted to be a director, and even made two films during their time together: ‘Ratboy’ (1986) and ‘Impulse’ (1990). “I understood it would be at the risk of our relationship,” Locke said. “And when I did, that was the beginning of the end.”

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