Roy Rogers’ Life Makes Him Impossible to Forget, Even After All These Years

Roy Rogers, who played a part in around 100 movies, television shows, and radio shows simultaneously, was more than an artist. He was more of a national treasure. Books, comic books, and even toys were made with him in mind. Roy Rogers, as many don’t know, was a real family man. He and his wife, Dale Evans, preferred their family over everything.


Photo by Snap/Shutterstock

Nevertheless, in their happy family, they had to face some hurdles. They had to endure some great tragedies, and even with their family museum’s visitors reaching around 200,000 every year, they were forced to close it down. Well, there is some mystery regarding all of this. If you are curious as to what exactly happened, stick around.

Roy Rogers wasn’t even his real name, by the way, but who knew such a name would bring him so much success and fame.

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