Ready For Some Laughs? Here Are Some of the Most Hilarious Road Signs From Around The World

Ever wonder where did road signs come from? It seems as if they are the most trivial things out there, but until the early days of the 1920’s no one ever thought about placing road signs. That is, until November 20, 1923, when Kentucky-born Garrett Morgan patented the traffic signal system. The idea for the new system came to him after he witnessed a which he designed after witnessing an accident between carriage led by a horse to an automobile. The first traffic sign was a simple T-shaped pole with three positions that signaled three actions: go, stop, and all-stop. After a while, Garrett Morgan sold his patent to General Electric at the amount of $40,000. To celebrate his invention, we have found some of the most hilarious road signs from all around the world. So sit tight and get ready to laugh!

Most Important Info You’ll Find

Now, here is a road sign that is there for the sole reason to let you know that there is no reason for its existence. Don’t even get us started on the waste of materials and the time spent by the men placing it, though come to think about it, it is so funny, maybe it is time spent well.


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