Ranked: Netflix’s Most Binge-Worthy Original Shows

If Netflix taught us anything, it’s that streaming is the future. The streaming giant has managed to weed out the competition dominate the world of entertainment. While Netflix has been a significant driving force behind the popularity of streaming, it has also become a content creator.

Netflix has managed to create an endless stream of entertaining and original content. The content spans almost every genre and features some of the biggest names in the industry. While some shows have been critically acclaimed and are addictive to watch, you can’t win them all. And there’s nothing worse than tuning in to a bad show. So we’ve ranked the best Netflix original shows that definitely deserve a place on your Netflix binge-list.

Black Mirror

Black Mirror has continued to enthrall us all by showing what happens when the world’s greatest inventions collide. The satirical and thought-provoking show also holds up a mirror to some of humanity’s ugliest traits. Part of the appeal is that each episode is designed as a self-contained story with a completely new set of actors.

Source: express.co.uk

Still, each edgy and dark episode manages to follow a common theme of morality and human behavior and fits together in a beautiful and twisted way. Black Mirror is definitely a keeper and continues to show us what humans are capable of. It also gets better with time, so it’s best to watch from Season 3.

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