Random yet Fascinating Facts: Say Goodbye to Boring Small-Talk

Do you know dogs actually do see in color and not black and white? Or how about the fact that your skin is your largest organ? And you probably didn’t know that it would take only one hour if you were to drive up to space. And there’s a lot more where those came from.

There are a few reasons why knowing random facts is a good thing to do. For one, it means you’re broadening your span of knowledge. Learning new things can also help ward off Alzheimer’s disease, by the way. And another reason is to be more of an interesting to talk to! So whether you want to learn something new, have something to tell people at your next party, or whether you just stumbled upon this page. We promise, you’re going to leave this a little bit smarter than when you came in.

Humans Are as Hairy as Chimps Are

Believe it or not, we humans have the same follicles and number of hairs on our bodies as chimps do. The only difference is that our hair has thinned out through evolution.

Avalon/UIG via Getty Images

Our hair is just finer. Scientists don’t know exactly why our hair has grown finer, though. The assumption is that it allowed us to sweat more easily, or it made it difficult for parasites to make our bodies their home.

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