Pretty Woman Movie Secrets We Never Would Have Guessed

Julia Roberts and Richard Gere played the star-crossed lovers, Vivian Ward and Edward Lewis, in the famous 1990 movie, Pretty Woman. The movie propelled Julia Roberts from a “nobody” to one of the top-paid actresses of all time and sealed her fate as a contemporary idol. Set in the fascinating backdrop of Beverly Hills, this movie is an all-time classic and has garnered fans the world over, young and old alike.


Source: Moviestore Collection/Shutterstock

As it happens, Vivian and Edward’s famous love story almost might not have been what it is today had certain coincidences not taken place. All movies have some bloopers and secrets, and so does this one. There are some very intriguing movie secrets about Pretty Woman, which you, even if you’re a die-hard fan, couldn’t possibly have known. Read on to see what coincidences made this great movie the masterpiece that it is. We bet they’ll blow your mind.

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