Noah’s Ark – 2000-Year-Old Legend Or True Biblical Fact?

Every Story Begins With A Legend

There are many legends in the world, stories that shake us up and make us lie awake in the dark of night, thinking about what was and what could be. They are the beginning of history, a part of our past that we haven’t seen and have almost little to no proof. But it is still no less important. It shapes the way we think. Our beliefs, our Faith, our Perceptions about life. Legends have a way of becoming a passion, obsession, and drive itself.



The world’s archeologists and history buffs are nothing if not inspired by the Legends that surround them. These people spend their whole lives trying to find the truth in the legends they so love. Just look at the lost Biblical Ark of Noah. Men and Women over the years have spent their lives learning the Legend of Noah and the re-birth of life on Earth. They have tried to find proof of Noah’s Ark. Hundreds of Expeditions funded by the enthusiasts of the world just to see if this biblical legend has bearings in real life or is it just a fairy tale created to show humanity the result of Greed.

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