I Can Make It on My Own – Music Stars That Had Their Start in a Group or Band

It’s not always easy taking center stage. You have to have a lot of confidence and really know what you are doing. These music stars gained that confidence by developing it in their group or band.


Known just under one name, Beyoncé has conquered the charts and reigns as queen of all the divas. All her tours are absolute sellouts and she is known to be a perfectionist and a very hard worker. Currently, she is one of the biggest stars in music today.


Source: Photo by Kevin MazurGetty Images for Coachella

It wasn’t always this way though. Beyoncé climbed to the top after being in the girl group Destiny’s Child which was made up of Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. They did exceptionally well and cemented their status as one of the best girl groups of all time with hits such as “ Say My Name ”, “ Bills, Bills, Bills” and “In dependent Women .” They eventually decided to split and sent the statement “After all these wonderful years working together, we realized that now is the time to pursue our personal goals and solo efforts in earnest. … No matter what happens, we will always love each other as friends and sisters and will always support each other as artists.”

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