Most Scandalous Game-Show Moments to Air on TV

Press Your Luck

In 1984, Michael Larson pressed his own luck. He studied the “random” patterns on the game board for Press Your Luck and ended up winning the CBS game show. Many people were angered by this and claimed he cheated. Before appearing on TV, he used his VCR to pause the show and somehow memorized the patterns that would appear.


Source: Twitter

The ice-cream truck driver studied the show to figure out exactly when to hit the buzzer to win the best prizes. Larson played the game 35 times without receiving a famous “whammy” from the judges. Eventually, producers figure out his trick. Initially, they refused to give him the winnings, but in the end, he earned $110,000 in cash and prizes. That’s more than anyone else who appeared on the show.

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