Man Renovates His Home and Discovers an Ancient City in His Basement

Renovating a house is an exciting prospect. However, the actual process can be exhausting and at times, stressful. You’re looking at a lot of expenses for repairs, expansions, and the occasional problems you would encounter along the way. You’d be surprised how much attention your home needs. You might discover that it has faulty plumbing, incorrect wiring, or you might even have termites! But what if, as you dismantle your walls, you find out an underground city right in your basement? A well that has been hidden there more than 2,500 years?

The Biggest Find of the Century


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Imagine discussing with your spouse that it’s time to give your home a makeover. You would finally have an excuse to strip that dirty old carpet and upgrade your furniture. And those walls make the house feel cramped so you might also consider breaking them down to give your living room an open concept layout like the one they show on HGTV. Now is the time to do that.

Of course, you don’t expect everything to go smoothly and anticipate that there will be hiccups along the way such as seeing wood planks that need to be replaced. But what if, instead of planks and faulty wiring, you discover a forgotten city? Don’t say impossible because that was precisely what happened in 1963 when a Turkish man stumbled upon a lost underground city that had been hiding down his basement for centuries!

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