Major Pandemics in History: Compared to Coronavirus

Many media outlets have been referring to the coronavirus outbreak as a “modern plague.” It feels like it is considering its 2020, and we can’t go to work, school, and are possibly quarantined. However, the COVID-19 virus is nothing compared to other pandemics or plague outbreaks throughout history. For example, the Black Plague wiped out half of Europe’s population, and the coronavirus has so far reached a death toll of more than 1,061,000 globally.


Photo by Associated Newspapers, Shutterstock / Vianney Le Caer, Shutterstock

We live in a world with so much technological and medical advancement that it almost feels unreal to be in the midst of this coronavirus pandemic. Nowadays, we have sanitary homes, clean water, and access to antibiotics and medical care. But there was a time before any of that existed. I’m going to take you through some of the most significant pandemics of all time. After explaining the outbreaks in detail, I will compare them to coronavirus, and maybe it will help reduce the panic. At the very least, you will be thankful you weren’t around during a real plague outbreak.

The article was last updated: 07/05/2020

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