Remember MacGyver? Here Are Some Fun Facts and MacGyverisms From the Hit Show

Richard Dean Anderson Then

Before playing the role of MacGyver, Richard Dean Anderson began his acting career as a soap opera star, playing Dr. Jeff Webber on ‘General Hospital.’ Yet acting wasn’t originally his dream. As a child who grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Anderson really dreamed of becoming a professional hockey player. But he broke both of his arms, and during recovery, he developed an interest in music, art, and acting.


Source: Giant Bomb

Anderson moved to LA after college, working odd jobs before landing TV gigs. He worked in a marine mammal show, was a musician in a medieval dinner theater, and even a street mime and juggler. His role as Angus MacGyver became his defining moment. After the show was canceled, he said: “MacGyver was seven years of being in virtually every frame that was shot and having absolutely no life at all.”

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