MacGyver: Everything You Wish You Knew When You Watched the Show

Agent Angus MacGyver was a pop culture phenomenon and wowed audiences for seven seasons in ABC’s hit show ‘MacGyver.’ Everyone loved seeing what resourceful invention he would come up with this time, like making a rocket-powered harpoon gun from cleaning fluid, mothballs, and an old telescope. Or the time he made a lie detector from a stethoscope and alarm clock.

But what was really going on behind the scenes?

Were MacGyver’s Inventions Possible?


Source: Mental Floss

The show turned the name “MacGyver” into a verb. To “MacGyver” something basically means to be handy and resourceful; to fix a seemingly impossible problem or create something new. Agent MacGyver was the original DIY guy. But some of his inventions seemed a bit farfetched. Did they really work?

The producers of the show tried to keep all the inventions theoretically and physically plausible with one exception; when it came to mixing potions or explosives from household chemicals. What they did was change the ingredients to something non-threatening. They didn’t want anyone trying to “MacGyver” it at home. It was a pledge to the classic line, “Don’t try this at home.”

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