Las Vegas: The True Legacy of Sin City

Las Vegas is probably the most famous city in America, and it literally came from nothing! In the ’50s and 60’s Vegas was just up incoming. The vision of the town was for it to be something different from what the rest of American city’s look like. Vegas was not created to be another big American business city in America. There would be only one type of business dominating the Strip, and that’s 24/7 gambling with a luxurious twist.


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If I am going to Las Vegas, there is one truth I always keep in mind. I’m going to be spending tons of money, losing tons of money, and eating tons of food. Early Vegas was way more of a sin city then what anyone can imagine today. In the days where the mob-controlled everything on the Strip, the sky is the limit on how crazy things can get. We put together some vintage photos of Vegas that will give you a true sense of how Vegas got its name and the legacy of what makes it the true Sin city.

Poolside War

You are looking at a picture of the poolside at the El Rancho Hotel. One of the first hotels to be opened on the Strip. This man took his paper with him to the ledge to make it clear to the girls that he was not coming to swim, but more so to mingle with them.



Everyone here looks so happy and calm, you can barely tell that this picture was taken in 1942, while the U.S. was in the midst of fighting a fierce war in Germany and the Pacific. Well, someone has to enjoy the freedom being fought for back in the home front, I guess.

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