Is This a Cover? Top 30 Cover Songs of All Time


(Photo by Massimo Solimene/Pacific Press/LightRocket)

History is full of iconic songs. However, there is no denying the fact their lesser-known covers remain confined to a few. Well, that might be a topic for another day. Today we focus on the greatest cover songs of all times. These cover songs have managed to stay relevant even in the presence of their original counterparts.

We talk about some of the finest that the music industry has given us. For instance, the classic song ‘Behind Blue Eyes’ by The Who. The band recorded their song on 8 July 1971 at Olympic Studios in London. Years later, Limp Bizkit did a cover for the song that featured Hale Berry in the iconic music video.

These are our picks for the list of 30 Greatest Covers of All Time. The list is no chronological order and isn’t a ranking of any sorts either.

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