In the Shadows: The Tales of MGM’s Fixer, Eddie Mannix

Back in the old days of Hollywood, MGM studios hired a man by the name of Eddie Mannix. Let’s just say that his involvement in Tinseltown is pretty murky. Some people write the man off as a gangster, while others embrace him as “the only honest man in Hollywood.” Regardless of what people think, there’s one thing for certain: Mannix was one dangerous guy.

Russian-born American film mogul Louis Burt Mayer head of production at MGM / Full-length studio portrait of American actor George Reeves in costume as the Man of Steel / Actress Mary Nolan Riding Ferris Wheel with another man / A still of John Gilbert and Mary Nolan for the filmDesert Lights' / Clark Kent and Phyllis Coates as Lois Lane in the American television series 'Adventures of Superman', circa 1952 / Norma Shearer, MGM Vice President Eddie Mannix

Photo by General Photographic Agency, Getty Images / Hulton Archive, Getty Images / John Springer Collection, Corbis, Getty Images / General Photographic Agency, Getty Images / Silver Screen Collection, Getty Images / Source: Pinterest

His work as a “fixer” kept MGM financially afloat. He had a hand in covering up everything from misdemeanors to some of the most horrible scandals Hollywood’s Golden Age has ever seen. This is Eddie Mannix’s story from his shady past and his wife’s mysterious death to the circumstances surrounding actor George Reeve’s death.

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