If You Have Any Of These 28+ Toys Around, You Just Became Rich

2. My Little Pony

My Little Pony Collectors don’t horse around when it comes to adding the originals to their valuable collections. Some are worth more than others including Mail Order ponies that are extremely rare. The value varies based on the availability of each pony but check this out.


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The beloved My Little Pony line that features colorful bodies, big adorable eyes and special markings on each side was almost left in the stall because it didn’t do enough, according to the head honchos at Hasbro. It took a while to go from an unknown new toy to a phenomenon that is still beloved by children of the 90’s. Although your.  My Little Pony doll might be tough to part with; it might be worth hundreds, even thousands. Rapunzel Mail Order Pony can go for as much as $900

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