If You Have Any Of These 28+ Toys Around, You Just Became Rich


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It’s time to clean out your closets, check your attics and sort through the garage. Some of your old favorite toys that you haven’t thought about in a long time might play a role in filling your wallet. This is a toy story worth reading. Here are some of the most valuable toys to dust off and sell.

1. Vintage Barbie

The one and the only Barbie is an American icon. Before Barbie was introduced, the toy market only had baby dolls, so this curvy, beautiful woman figurine changed the toy landscape and opened the door to little girls dreaming about future careers. Barbie, like many career-drivenhack women, has outlasted the test of time, representing more than 180 different careers, selling more than 350,000 the first year on the market and more than one billion sold to date.


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Since her debut back in 1959, she is beloved in the hearts, homes and toy collections worldwide. But it is the original Barbie sporting a black and white zebra printed one-piece bathing suit that is worth thousands to the right collector. A first edition 1959 Barbie that is in excellent condition can sell for as much as $23,000. Pretty awesome considering she probably sold for three bucks.

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