If Anyone Should be Arrested, It’s The People Who Did These Police Sketches

Yes, police sketches are still a thing. They’re not only the images you see on the news about the latest ex-convict on the loose. Sketches of criminals are still being used to assist in tracking them down. But you would think that if there’s going to be a sketch, that it would need to be really amazingly well-done if it’s going to be of any help at all. Well, not in these cases. These are the worst police sketches possible ever done.

As hilarious and ridiculous as some of these sketches are, one police composite was actually helpful in catching the guy! You’ll see as you read on…

Justin? Is that You?

Is it just us or does he look a lot like Justin Bieber? Could it be that Biebs was seen committing a crime that we’re unaware of?


Source: Head cramp

This police sketch looks more like the result of an art class activity where you need to draw a portrait of the kid sitting next to you. Basically, it doesn’t look like a police sketch. At all. Good luck with finding the guy.

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