“I Avoid Looking Back. I Prefer Good Memories to Regrets.” – Hollywood’s Golden Princess: Grace Kelly

Birth and Childhood

On November 12 of 1929, a new star was born in the city of Philadelphia. Grace Patricia Kelly entered the world and would go on to lead an extraordinary life, starring in many movies, getting awards, and ultimately becoming a real-life princess. She is considered as one of the true icons of the Golden Age of cinema and inspired crowds of fans and followers all over the earth until her premature death. Consistently ranked as one of the greatest actresses of all time, despite a relatively brief cinematic career, Grace Kelly left an unmatched legacy through her inner and outer beauty and remarkable talents.


Photo by Emilio Ronchini/Mondadori Portfolio/Getty Images

Her parents consisted of an Olympic athlete father and a physical education instructor mother. The Kelly family was wealthy and had good connections, but weren’t keen to hear about young Grace’s aspiration of becoming an actress. Grace’s father, in particular, famously opined that acting was barely better than being a ‘streetwalker,’ even though his brothers Walter and George, had enjoyed much success in the movie-making business working in acting and directing, respectively.

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