How John DeLorean Built His Dream Car, Only to Total It

John DeLorean was undoubtedly a brilliant engineer. With a sense of style and flair, John proved to be an early model of the modern American visionary who stuck to his instincts even though the world seemed to be against him (think Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg). After creating the mother of all American muscle cars, the Pontiac GTO Firebird, John was welcomed by the Hollywood elite with open arms.


Source: Flickr / Pinterest

Yet, John was a bold con man who swindled all of his business partners out of money. John’s longtime defense attorney famously admitted that “John DeLorean had one of the most warped views of right and wrong” he had ever encountered.

So how did the once-loved engineer and cultural icon fall so far from grace? Let’s take a look.

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