How Cowboys Lived in the Wild West

An integral part of American history is how cowboys lived in the Wild West. They had a huge impact on the development of our culture today. Whether you grew up watching Indiana Jones, played Cowboys and Robbers during recess, or dressed up as a cowboy or cowgirl for Halloween, it’s clear that our western pioneer ancestors left a lasting impact on the modern world.


Photo by Granger / Shutterstock

When we think about the Wild West era, we tend to assume that their living and hygiene habits were a little more up-to-date, considering the 19th century wasn’t that long ago. However, it turns out that their lifestyles weren’t as ideal as you might have expected. The pioneer’s sole purpose was to explore uncharted territories and discover locations to help expand the country. Sometimes, we take our clean and sanitary lifestyles for granted.

This is how the pioneers and cowboys kept themselves clean and healthy back in the days of the Wild West.

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